Wall of Light 

Illuminate your fencing with the economic and effective “Wall of Light”

When installed on our arched fence system, these extremely efficient 14 watt LED lamps, mounted in our First DeFence Exclusive UL listed-weather proof enclosures, present an economic and effective “PERIMETER”, illuminating an adjustable′ band of light inside and/or outside the secured area. With low operating costs and long lamp life, this light source puts the the light where it is needed, when it is needed. With instant-on capabilities, these luminaries can double as an emergency lighting system. There is also a security measure with a strobe function that brightens the light of affected areas available. Simple to install, with proprietary CAST terminations that prevent cutting of the wire which lessens likelihood of failure.

For more information on the CAST Perimeter Lighting, please contact
CAST PERIMETER www.cast-lighting.com