US Patent Information 

Patent Number: 4,673,166

Inventor: Ellis C. MacDougall

Summary of Invention: The fence is specifically constructed to provide a positive barrier, against a person attempting to climb the fence, throughout the full height of the fence. In conjunction with the structure of the fence having enhanced barrier forming capabilities, it is also of particular significance that the construction be economically feasible both in materials and installation procedures.

The aspect of the invention considered particularly unique is the formation of the fence posts, in the installed fence, to specifically angle inwardly toward the side of the fence to which a person is confined. The angle of inclination is such as to effectively preclude, due to the “overhang” nature of the fence throughout at least the major portion of the height, the establishment of a foothold. In other words, one attempting to scale the fence would be limited to only the use of hands for the full effective height of the fence above the point at which a person can reach by standing on the ground. As one tries to scale the fence, the higher he goes, the further his feet move from the ground and the lower the portion of the fence. A person attempting to establish both a handhold and a foothold would be positioned substantially on his back, and thus normally incapable of maintaining any sort of foothold.