First DeFence provides a full support package with all it's products. 

From site layout, design, and submittal details through installation process, we are with you every step of the way with no cost support that will assure a secure and attractive installation for you facility. Our experience allows us to eliminate most problems before they occur. We can customize this design to fit your location and requirements.


We provide full design services. From initial layout, selection of fence height, fabric, gate design, and any special requirements or situations.  We also have CAD and Revit designers to assist with drawings.


We provide a full materials list, as required for installation. We sell the fence system as a package, which allows us to control the quality of our materials to maintain adherence to our specifications.

Submittal Package 

We provide all detail drawings, materials, information, and specifications.


We provide a package cost. With a materials list, to show exactly what is being quoted. No hidden costs, no surprises, no confusion on what is being priced.

Installation Support

We are readily accessible by phone, email or text. We can answer any questions, or help with solutions to any problems. With over 25 years experience, we have confronted almost any problem.

Proven Security 

With over 500 installations throughout the world, First DeFence has a proven track record of satisfied customers and a wealth of experience that can be shared with you.

Extended Warranty

We use the finest materials and can offer vinyl and powder coating services as required. Our materials carry an extended five year warranty.

Choice of Fabrics

Our meshes come in 9 gauge, 6 gauge and expanded metal, which prevents cut-through.
Materials are available in either galvanized or polyvinyl / powder coated finish.